4 DIY Halloween Costumes for Parents and Kids
Offer Factor Oct 05, 2018

Halloween is not only the best time to dress up as your favorite character and eat candy, but it is also the perfect time to bond with your kids. Nothing will make your kids happier than the fact that you pay attention to their interests. Surprising your kids with matching Halloween costumes is the best thing you can do this Halloween. It will strengthen your bond with your kids and let them know how much they matter to you. One way to make this experience even better is to make the costumes yourself. DIY family Halloween costumes might sound like a lot of work, but thanks to our blog right here, they will be easy!

Best family Halloween costumes are the ones that make everyone happy. So maybe it is time to let out your inner child and find the characters that both you and your kids love. Here are 4 DIY Halloween Costumes for Parents and Kids:


1. Harry Potter Family:                           

Kids love Harry Potter, and so does most of the parents. Harry Potter has a lot of characters, and each of you can choose the character of your choice. You can dress up your kids as the students, and for your and your partner's costumes, you can get inspiration from Snape and Bellatrix.

How To:

Making the Harry Potter costumes are not that hard. You just have to find the right kind of fabrics at home or do a little shopping. If your kids already have the Harry Potter beanies, robes, well and good; otherwise you can get black fleece from the market and make them yourself. Get a stencil for cutting the robe from the internet, and once you have cut the fleece, you can sew it. Robes don't require complicated sewing, and before you know it, your robe will be ready. Get maroon and yellow felt, cut it in stripes and sew them together. Once the felt is sewn, you can cut it in the shape of a tie. You can also get patches and using markers make them look like the patch of Gryffindor.

The adult costumes are even easier to assemble. All you need is a black dress and curled hair to turn yourself into Bellatrix. Straighten your partner's hair or get them a wig if they want to play the part of Snape perfectly. And with that, you would have executed the perfect family Halloween costume idea for 4.


2. Which Pokemon Are You?

If your kids are in that age where they are crazy about cartoons, then there is a high chance that they are a Pokemon fan. Creating Pikachu Pokemon costumes are pretty fun, and they will make your kids beyond happy.

How To:            

You can either buy the tails and hats for your little Pokemon online, or you can sew them yourself. The sewing part is not that hard, but it will require some time and effort. Once you are done sewing, pair the tales and hats with matching shirts. Depending on the Pokemon your kids want to be, you can easily find yellow (for Pikachu) and orange (for Charmander) shirts in their closet. Turning yourself and your partner into Misty and Ash will be a piece of cake. Sew red ribbons on your yellow shirt like suspender and get creative on your husband's blue jacket to make the perfect Ash outfit.


3. Stranger Things Happen in This Family:                

Are you and your partner obsessed with the sci-fi show Stranger Things? Well then maybe it is time to get your toddler on board the sci-fi train. You can accomplish that task by dressing them up as a sci-fi character. It only works if they start young, okay? And there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to Halloween costumes for parents who want to dress up as Stranger Things characters. Just keep reading.

How To:              

Your toddler will already have a pink dress. All you need is a blue jacket, some white socks with blue and yellow stripes, and Eggos. You can turn plain white socks into Eleven's socks with the help of some paints. Get some fairy lights and adopt a worried look on your face (oh, and don't brush your hair!) and you are good to go as Joyce. Get your partner a hat and a backpack to turn them into everyone's favorite character Dustin.


4. Alice in Wonderland:        

Are you planning to get creative with makeup this Halloween? Then why not dress your whole family up as characters from the weirdly fantastic story of Alice in the Wonderland.

How To:

You are going to have to do a lot of shopping for this dress up. Get some wigs, hats, and colorful costumes from a costume store. Dress up your little one as the white rabbit with the help of a red t-shirt, white pajamas, and a bunny headband. Sew a little felt heart to go with the dress. Turn yourself into the Red Queen with the help of a red dress, a wig, and a lot of makeup. Mix your creativity with costume store purchases to turn your partner into the Mad Hatter. Finish the look with loads of makeup.

So which characters are you planning to dress yourself and your child up as for Halloween 2018?