4 Superhero Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween 2018!
Offer Factor Sep 19, 2018

No, it is not too early to start planning for Halloween 2018. And it's completely okay to get as excited for Halloween in your adulthood as you used to get in your childhood. As a child, you could act silly any day of the year. In fact, it was expected of you to indulge in all kinds of shenanigans. But once you entered adulthood, the world developed all sorts of expectations from you, and one of them was that you must appear presentable at all times. You can not act out and dress funnily, except on Halloween.

So why must you not take full advantage of this fun-filled holiday? Halloween is your chance to hand over the reins to your inner child, dress up, and have loads and loads of fun. But Halloween preparations bring along confusions too. Pop culture trends give us so many options now. Superheroes, anime characters, TV show characters, there are way too many Halloween Costume Ideas now! But if you and your significant other have the same taste, then things might get a little easier.

Do you both scream with excitement every time Marvel or DC announce a new superhero movie? Do you both stay up late to watch movies of your favorite cinematic universe? Then maybe you are looking forward to dress up as your favorite comic book or movie characters this year but have been unable to decide your costumes so far. If that is the case, let us help you. Here are four superhero couple costume ideas to ensure that you and your partner become the talk of the town at Halloween 2018:


The Powerful Duo:

The son of Krypton and the Amazonian Princess make a convincing couple. All the fans of the animated DC universe love the chemistry between Superman and Wonder Woman. Superman, the last of his species, gets the innocent but powerful Diana Prince like no other. Imagine the awe on everyone's face when you enter a party on Halloween in your Wonder Woman Halloween costume and your capped Man of Steel on your side. Only picturing this sight in your head will bring immense happiness to your inner fangirl (or fanboy).


The Goth Couple:  

Do Wonder Woman and Superman appear too colorful and bright to you? Do you and your partner have more black clothes in your wardrobe than in any other colors? Don't worry, who said Goths couldn't be superheroes? Dress up as the dark knight of Gotham this Halloween in the perfect Batman costume and get your girl the sexy Catwoman costume that she won't be able to say no to. Halloween is the holiday when you should be able to express yourself freely. And if happy, smiling superheroes are not your thing, the elegant Batman and sexy Cat woman have got your Halloween Couple Costume for 2018 covered.


The Partners in Crime:  

Do you and your partner come up with unique prank ideas and love to execute them together (or on each other, wink wink!?) Are you known among your friends as the troublemakers? Then maybe you would want to dress up on this Halloween as a different kind of superhero couple. After all, every super villain is a hero in their story so get Joker and Harley Quinn costume for yourself and your partner and let your costumes accurately portray your demons. With these costumes, you can let yourself go wild and free without having to worry about anyone's opinion. Such costumes also bring you the satisfaction that a hero can be anyone. And if you think of yourself as a villain, then no one can convince you that you aren't one.


The Unconventional Superheroes:   

Are you and your partner the unconventional types? Maybe you do like the idea of superheroes but the ones with unrealistic superpowers don’t appeal you. Maybe humor and intellect are the superpowers you and your partner have been blessed with. If that is the case, the possibilities are endless. You can dress up as witty Princess Merida and your partner can as the prince charming enough to be liked by Merida. And if your love for adventure is your strongest suit then you can opt for Pirate costume this Halloween for you and your partner and dazzle everyone with your unique outfits.

Let nothing stop you from dressing up as whoever and whatever your heart desires! Go wild and Happy Halloween!