5 Must Know Plus Size Shopping Rules
Offer Factor Mar 04, 2019

For a long time, clothing brands and the fashion industry only favored the skinny models. The plus-size women had to stay on the sidelines for way too long, and that gave rise to eating disorders and insecurities among girls. When young girls see slim models on billboards, they aspire to be like them and end up with mental health issues that can be damaging for them for the rest of their lives. But things are changing finally. There is still a lot more that needs to be done, but the fashion industry is slowly becoming less toxic for plus-size people. People have called out brands who don’t introduce plus-size clothing and change is showing its beautiful colors slowly.

A problem most women face while shopping for plus-sized clothes is a lack of guidance. There was not a single plus size shopping guide online just a few years ago. As a result, women didn’t know what to pick and what to ignore when shopping for plus-size clothes.

This guide will tell you five must know plus size shopping rules that can make your shopping experience a lot better:


1. Forget the Old Rules:

Yes, the first plus-size shopping rule is that you need to forget the old rules. In the old times, the rules were made to limit the choices for plus-size women. That led to women working hard to attain the perfect body. But plus-size doesn’t always mean fat. It could just be your bone structure. In any case, you need to stop thinking that there are any limits. You can pick the dresses of your choice regardless of their color and pattern. When worn the right way and paired with accessories, any plus size dress can look great on plus-size women.


2. Pick the Whites:

Plus-size women have been told to ignore white color at all costs, but people forget that it all depends on the style of the dress and not the color. When you are shopping for casual plus size dresses, then a white dress with the right cut can be great for your body.

Search for the right pieces, whether you are getting white pants, shirts, or plus size mini dresses. The right cut will not make you look bigger rather make your curves look prominent and give you a great look.


3. Stripes are for You:

Many plus-size women love stripes but are scared to pick them up because they have been told for ages that stripes aren’t good for them. Although chunky stripes may not actually be good for you, there are dozens of other designs that you can pick from.

There are a few secrets to buying the perfect stripes if you are a plus-size. Go for stripes that are not symmetrical, they will make you appear smaller. Also, the stripes that move inward can work perfectly for your waist. Many people prefer dark-colored stripes over a light background, but it is the opposite that works for plus-size women. Dark colored backgrounds are also great for when you are dressing for a night out. Another thing to keep in mind when selecting stripes is to go for thinner stripes designs. They will help you appear slimmer.


4. Get that Bright Colored Dress:

When shopping for cheap plus size summer dresses, you might feel that bright colors, and big floral patterns aren’t for you. But you need to understand that it was an old rule and needs to go. The only time you should consider a color is to decide if it goes with your complexion or not. For plus-size shopping, color doesn’t matter as long as you get a good fit. You can’t get through summer without wearing colorful patterns. With the right fit and cut, even the brightest colors can look good on you.

When it comes to patterns, the rule is not to get small prints. The print should be clearly visible to make an impression. Small prints can’t do that when worn by plus-size women unless you are going for a watercolor print where colors merge into one another and don’t appear tiny.


5. Ignore Baggy Clothing:

Plus size women are made to think that baggy clothing is better for them since it hides their body, but that is not true. You just need to find clothes that complement your curves. When buying plus size fall dresses, you might feel tempted to go for dull and loose clothes, but you can find the right fits and add layers the right way. You don’t have to dress in dull colors and bigger sizes.


So the next time you head out shopping, keep the rules mentioned above in your mind. Forget the old rules and break all the stereotypes built around women’s plus size clothing. When you choose the right dresses and clothing items, your body will look perfect just the way it is.