Be Bold with Bright Colored Sweatshirts This Winter
Offer Factor Nov 19, 2018

Fashion has come a long way from the time when only a specific type of clothes were acceptable at formal events. Today, you don't have to sacrifice your comfort to attend a party or an office meeting. The fashion industry, models, and designers have shown us that women's hoodies and sweatshirts can be worn to all kinds of events. Thanks to this new trend, winter apparel has gotten pretty comfy without losing any element of style.

Most people opt for neutral hoodies for winter to match the hues of the season. But if you really want to stand out, then you should go for bright colored sweatshirts this winter. With a bright colored sweatshirt, you can achieve a bold look that will turn heads and make you the center of attention at a party. You can pair your bright sweatshirt with the right blazer to make it suitable for work too.

Here are a few looks you can try this winter with bright colored sweatshirts and hoodies:

1. Street look with zip-up burgundy hoodie:   

Women's hoodies come in different colors and designs. Zip-up hoodies are ideal for a layered look. They can also be worn in dry weather. The zip makes it easier to take the hoodie off or to open half of it when the weather gets a little warm. For street look, start with a band's t-shirt (a rock band's tee if you are going for a grunge look) and wear your zip-up burgundy hoodie over the shirt but keep it open. Add a long black coat and skinny black pants to this look, and you will be ready to walk the street with confidence and ease.

2. Office look with low key orange sweatshirt:   

There was a time when women's comfy sweatshirts were only acceptable in the confines of their homes or at sleepovers. Today, they can easily be a part of a woman's workwear. You will be able to work in a relaxing outfit and your productivity will automatically increase. Offices that are abolishing the concept of strict dress codes are doing their employees and their business a favor. When employees are allowed to dress in comfortable attire, it gives them a sense of freedom and increases their morale. For the perfect office look, you can pair your low key orange sweatshirt with business apparel like black silk trousers and a blazer. Adding high-heel sandals to this look will make you ready to face your workday head-on. If you are going for a more comfortable look then you can wear a white collared shirt with a sweatshirt on top and pair them with skinny jeans.

3. Party Look with a Purple Hoodie:

Have you seen those cute women's pullover hoodies that come in vibrant colors and have words written on them in funky fonts? They don't have brand logos on them, just inspirational messages or a cities' name on them. Their bright colors make them ideal for party wear. Best hoodies for women are the ones that can be easily styled to match the vibes of an event. The purple pullover hoodie is ideal for a party when paired with the right clothes and accessories. If you want to mesmerize everyone at the party, then get your tulle skirt out of your closet. Wear the skirt over a pair of jeans. Add a few accessories like a trendy clutch and some cool shades to go with your look. Wear this look with confidence because nothing makes you look more beautiful than being comfortable in your clothes.

4. Formal Look with a Maroon Sweatshirt:

Don't let anyone tell you that corporate and rock and roll can't go together. The right sweatshirt can make that look possible and will make people wonder who your stylist is. This look is perfect when you want to make a lasting impression on everyone at a business meeting. It is also ideal for annual dinner with colleagues and employers. Pair your corporate suit with a maroon sweatshirt, buckled Oxfords, and fishnet socks for the best formal look. You can also wear a few rings if you want to add a little more style. You will be ready to seize the day in the best formal look.

5. Everyday Tracksuit Look:

The cute hoodies for women available today can also be worn as part of a tracksuit. Gone are the days when the tracksuit was restricted to the jogging park. This is the perfect look for Sundays, whether you want to stay in or run some errands. Wear your green tracksuit with a pair of Nike kicks, and you will be ready to rock the everyday look.

So if you want to be bold this winter, try these bright colored sweatshirts and hoodies look and you won’t be disappointed. Amaze everyone with your sense of style and the power of a simple sweatshirt.