Carry Top 2 Christmas Looks Inspired by Top Fashion Bloggers
Offer Factor Dec 14, 2018


Everybody's Christmas fever must have reached its peak by now. After all, we are only a couple of weeks away from the big day. But if you have spent all of your time choosing the right present for everyone, you must have forgotten about your Christmas dress.

You finally remembered it, right? Now you are panicking.

But wait, there is no need to panic. There is still time. And thank the Heavens that there are fashion bloggers to guide you. You see their Instagram posts and feel a bit of envy at their fashion sense. You wonder how they make dressing up for Christmas look so easy. The truth is, they dedicate their time to planning, they try different outfits, and then wear the ones that work out best for them.

Just like fashion bloggers, you must also do some preparation. Your Christmas look must rely on the kind of Christmas you will be having. Whether you will be enjoying a heavy meal at home with your family and friends or attending a Christmas party will help you make the right choice. You can either get a good old fashion Christmas dress in red or try one of the top five fashion bloggers' look.

Considering the fact that Christmas only comes once a year, you should go with the latter. Whether you will be spending Christmas at home or going to a party, dressing up for Christmas is fun. So time to get inspired by the Christmas look of top 2 Fashion bloggers:


1. The Tartan Look:

Who doesn't love Tartan? Blair at the Atlantic-Pacific decided to pair Tartan with another Christmas winner: a black sequin skirt. This look is perfect for all kinds of Christmas gathering. It has warm and comfy vibes, but it also keeps up with the Christmas fashion trend.

Don't forget to accessorize this look with a few rings, and a stylish handbag. To add more Christmas vibes to this look, add red boots and a muffler over the jacket. Wear your red lipstick and style your hair so you can really rock the look.


2. The Cozy Look:

No matter how good Christmas fashion dresses look, some women can't imagine wearing them for one reason only: the cold. There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear warm clothes on Christmas. It is pretty cold on Christmas, and you can't spend the whole day sitting by the fireplace.

But just because you want to wear cozy clothes doesn't mean you can't add an element of style to the mix.

And that's exactly what Carrie from wishwishwish does. Sweaters, mufflers, tartans, even earmuffs, everything you can think of to bring you warm, Carrie has added to her different Christmas look. So for Christmas, you can go with a yellow sweater or a black skirt and black tights and pair this look with a white wool muffler, white mittens, and a white wool cap. Carrie completes this look with a gorgeous black purse.

Now that you know the Christmas looks of top 4 fashion bloggers, you can get down to deciding your dress. Mix your personal touch with your favorite blogger's look, and you will be the center of attention this Christmas.