Confused About Your 2018 Halloween Costume? Let Us Help You!
Offer Factor Sep 12, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner and with such a great holiday comes great panic, too! Gone are the days when Halloween used to be just about going trick or treating with your friends and getting excited about all the candy haul that you might collect.

As adults, it is all about finding that perfect, instagrammable Halloween costume so you (or both of you, if you are planning to go for Halloween costumes for couples with your better half) can dazzle everyone at your Halloween parties and turn as many heads as possible. With so many types of Halloween costumes and endless possibilities available at your disposal, you can often get confused about what to wear.

If you are having trouble finding the best Halloween costume for yourself, here’s how you can choose the costume that truly defines you:

1-Following pop culture trends

Dressing up as sexy versions of mundane professions are a thing of the past now. Now, the cleverer the costume, the more appreciation you’ll get. One popular costume choice that always proves to be a winning category is the pop culture costume. You cannot go to any Halloween party without seeing someone dressed as Tardis from Doctor Who or Pikachu from Pokémon. The great thing about these costumes is that there are so many options, that you can totally pick a unique one that won’t be worn by anyone else. Don’t get caught up in the hassle of shopping for costumes and just order one online to get your favorite vampire costume or mermaid costume at the convenience of your doorstep.

Just pick a character that you like and get a great costume like Wonder woman costume if you are in the mood to be or look like a fierce, strong woman with superpowers, a beautiful Daenerys costume that will make you look smoking hot or a super suave Mockingjay costume.

2-Keep it cute and classic



Princess costumes have always been a great choice for those who recognize their inner royalty and the great thing is that they can look good on people of all ages. Seeing a 7-year-old girl in a princess costume is just as adorable as seeing a grown woman wearing it. You just can never go wrong with a princess costume!

Now that there are more and more movies with princesses of different ethnicities, there is a princess costume for everyone. Gone are the days when people of color had extremely limited choices for princess costumes. Now you can get every princess costume from Tiana to Pocahontas and look magical and royal. If you want to go the princess route, you can find some great halloween costumes like a super authentic Pocahontas costume or a beautiful Snow White.

3-Less is more

As everyone knows, Halloween is the time to wear anything you want and no one will bat an eye. All judgment goes out the window as soon as the calendar rolls to the date of Halloween. What other occasions might one get to dress as the sexiest possible version of their profession?!

Dressing up as a sexy construction worker or a sexy nurse/doctor might not be acceptable any other day of the week, but it’s totally acceptable on Halloween. You name a profession and somewhere, someone has made a sexy Halloween costume idea out of it. Looking good in any costume is all about wearing the costume with confidence. If you feel good wearing it, nothing anyone else says can deter you from that thought.  

So this Halloween, the choice is totally yours on whether you want to be the sexiest bunny there ever was in a super cute but sexy bunny costume or a spooky frame of bones in a sexy skeleton costume.

4-Bring on the goof (or dark humor!)

Who says Halloween costumes can’t be funny? If you have a funny bone and a great sense of humor, then why not go for a costume that will amuse everyone! If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, choose a funny halloween costume for 2018 that will bring on the laughs. There might be many sexy nurses at your Halloween party but once you put on your joker costume, the only person that people will be talking about is you.

Funny Halloween costumes are not only a great way to stay covered but also a surefire conversation starter. So if pop culture costumes are too mainstream for you and you don’t feel like baring it all for Halloween, then choose a goofy costume like joker or a dinosaur.

Halloween is a time to let your creative juices flow. It is the time when you can truly express your most artistic self or display what you feel on the inside. Don’t be pressured into wearing what other people are wearing and instead choose a costume that truly defines you or showcases who you are.

Don’t go crazy spending exuberant amounts of money on a Halloween costume ideas that you are only going to wear once. Instead, look for online boutiques that offer a wide range of costumes at reasonable amounts so you can fully enjoy this amazing holiday.

Happy Halloween in advance!