Holiday Season 2018: Dressing Differently for Different Occasions
Offer Factor Sep 28, 2018

Holiday Season is arriving and we’re getting increasingly anxious about what to wear at each occasion! Suddenly all the dresses in the cupboard seem old and not enough.

People think that dressing up is all fun and games until they realize how much effort goes into finding the perfect outfit for any occasion. Different kinds of occasions demand a certain type of outfits according to their feel, look or theme. Though a black dress can be both appropriate attire for a funeral and a club, the same kind of black dress cannot be worn to both the occasions.

From pretty lace dresses to sexy white beach party dresses, each have their own purpose and each is meant for certain occasions. If you prefer dresses above all clothing options and want to maintain a wardrobe full of useful, beautiful dresses, here are the dresses you can wear to different occasions for Holiday Season 2018.



Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday of the year as it is the time to let your creative juices flow. On this day, you can be anyone you want to be and dress however you want without anyone batting an eye! While you can opt for sexy costumes that can also be worn at parties and such, you can also go a little conventional and invest in a proper Halloween costume.

There are many routes that you can take on a Halloween costume from superhero costumes to princess ones. One popular costume that looks sexy, as well as pop culture savvy, is this Batgirl Costume. DIY costumes can take a lot of time and effort, and considering there isn’t even a month left in Halloween, you’d rather just buy one online. Plus, they can even end up burning a pretty big hole in your pocket. Hence, instead of taking all that hassle on yourself, buy a ready-made costume that looks like a replica from the movie and makes you look ethereal.



Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for all that you have been bestowed with and a time to celebrate with your loved ones. Going back home to your family can be a rather difficult time for some, with your family having input on everything from the choices you have made in life to the way you dress.

This season, choose the best possible outfit for yourself on your own. Let your style be relaxed this Thanksgiving and just the right amount of formal. If you want an affordable option that looks like a million bucks, you can choose this beautiful Vintage Dress. The length of the dress is just appropriate enough for family while still being dazzling and chic. For events where the family is involved, you must always choose dresses that are a bit more on the conservative side.



The most joyful time of the year demands a new dress that correctly expresses all the joy that you are feeling. While Christmas parties are comparatively tamer than parties that fall on New Year, people still take this occasion to dress to the nines.

Every Christmas party that you attend, you’ll find people in full party gear wearing everything from ball gowns to slinky numbers. A perfect dress for this occasion would be this Sleeveless Vintage Dress that, if styled right, will make you the talk of the party. One great thing about this dress is the fact that this can be worn to everything from bachelorette parties to Christmas parties. If classic is more your style, though, this Sheath Dress (it comes in 3 different colors: black, red, violet) might be what you should get.


4-New Year’s Eve

A new year calls for a new dress! And what’s a better occasion to dress to the nines than a New Year Party. No New Year’s Eve is complete without a rocking party or two. Whether you are going to ring in the new year at Times Square or in a club, the fact still stands that you need an awesome outfit for this occasion.

When you usually think of dresses for parties, you think of something tight and short like a sexy cocktail party dress. While it is not necessary that you buy into this trope, most party dresses tend to veer on the shorter side. If you want a sexy party dress that will make jaws drop, then you can get a slinky leopard printed number.

While this dress looks like it’s business in the front, it’s a sexy party in the back. Backless numbers like these are perfect for parties where you want to make a lasting impression. If you are more towards detail and sophistication, this little black dress might be the one for you. Other good options would be dresses that use sequins, dresses with cutouts and bodysuits. In the end, what matters is that you choose a dress that is within your comfort zone and one that you can have a good time in.

We hope these suggestions helped you make up your mind about what to wear for the exciting Holiday Season’s occasions. Here’s to new beginnings and beautiful new dresses!