How to Wear Romper In Winter?
Offer Factor Oct 22, 2018

While summer fashion is all about being skimpy and cheeky in order to maximize the chances of not falling prey to a heatstroke, fashion for the fall and winter is in a completely different league of its own.

In winters it's all about layering up and making different pieces work together to create an outfit. However, in the transition between seasons, some clothing items do not make the cut and are relegated to the back of the closet till their season blooms again. While clothing items like crop tops do not take the winter transition well, there are some other items that you can tweak a little to add them to your winter wardrobe. One of the trendiest clothing items that you can keep wearing in winter are rompers and jumpsuits.

1-Pair them up with tights

Rompers are one of those cute clothing items that can look good on everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are all bones, curvy in all the right places or a bit on the heavier side; chances are that a romper will look good on you.

However, the question is, how can you wear rompers when the weather gets a bit chilly? The answer to this puzzle is a simple pair of tights. With so many different variations, textures and types available in tights, you can create some truly winning combinations by pairing your rompers with a pair of tights.

You can color block your outfit by pairing a vividly colored romper with an equally vivid pair of tights like the combination of red and pink or orange and yellow. If your outfit is monochrome and you want to mix it up a little bit then you can pick a pair of patterned or textured tights and create a funky outfit. The possibilities are endless as there are so many different outfit combinations you can make with a single romper. You can pair a white romper with black tights for a monochromatic look or patterned tights for a chic look.

2-Put a coat on it

Is there any clothing problem in the world that can’t be fixed by putting a coat over it? Whether it’s a fashion disaster that you want to conceal or a skimpy dress that you want to cover up, a coat is your savior in all these situations. While rompers look undeniably sexy, wearing one in winter comes at the cost of freezing. An easy fix is to pair your glorious romper with an even more glorious coat. Just like with tights, there is an endless array of options for you to choose from.

If you want to keep your look edgy then the combination of tights, a romper and a sexy leather jacket will do wonders for you. Other options are taking inspiration from the fashionistas from Gossip Girl and pairing your rompers with cozy coats that remain open. There are plenty of places where you can find a wide array of jumpsuits for women from sexy to classy jumpsuits to cater to all your needs. Whether the event is a casual affair or someplace where you want to put your best foot forward, the romper and coat is a good choice for both.

3-Experiment with the romper

One fun way to make full use of a romper, or any other garment, is to experiment with it and find fun ways to wear it. In the case of rompers, you can transform the whole outfit by wearing a cool blouse or a comfortable turtleneck underneath it. Add knee-high boots an a hat to the picture and there you go! Nice and warm.

Another way in which you can adapt your romper for winter is covering up the bottom half of the romper by wearing a different kind of bottom over it. Also, you can try wearing a full-sleeved romper or a denim romper to keep yourself warm.

Basically, the key to wearing a romper in winter lies in the art of layering. Whether it’s coats or tights, you just need to find a combination that works and add layers to it till you get your desired result!