Men's Guide to Nail Cardigan with Jeans
Offer Factor Dec 06, 2018

Men often don't consider cardigan an important clothing item when they are dressing to impress. But these three-season sweaters are pretty useful and when styled nicely can look equally cool in both formal and casual settings.

In men's fashion cardigan sweaters have been making their mark since the past few years. Cardigans come in multiple designs, and each of them can be paired with different shirts and jackets for the ideal work and street look.

Since winter is upon us, shawl collar cardigans are the sweaters you should be shopping for. In case you are worried that the cardigans will make you look old and boring or you won't be able to pull them off with jeans, you will be happy to learn that you are wrong. Best men's cardigans add an air of sophistication to your look while making you look street ready at the same time. Here are a few ways you can nail the cardigans with jeans look this winter:

1. Street Look for autumn and spring:

When shopping for shawl collar cardigans, you can either go for a loose fit or a slim one. But that will depend on the weather conditions. In the cold days of winter, a mere cardigan cannot save you, and you will have to wear a jacket or coat over it.

So when you have to wear multiple layers, go for a slim fit cardigan and preferably a one with buttons or a zip. For autumn and spring, however, you can choose the fit that you want. If you are going for a laid-back street look, then a loose shawl collar cardigan with the open front will go perfectly with a plain white tee, dark denim jeans, and simple trainers.

But if you prefer slim fit cardigans then pairing one with a Henley or button-up shirt and jeans can help you rock the best street look.

2. The Dress Shirt Formal Look:

Cardigans can be a part of an impressive formal look with the right shirt and pants combination. There are multiple combinations you can try for the formal look depending on the level of formality you require. If you are invited to a business get-together or a party that requires you to wear business-casual, then a cardigan can definitely help you with that.

Pair your cardigan with a plaid shirt and dark denim or a shawl collar cardigan with a white Oxford for a smart casual look. But if you are going for a sharper and more professional look then adding a tie in the mix can do wonders.

Make sure that your tie is knotted all the way up for the best formal look. Everyone who thinks a men's shawl collar cardigan sweater is not suitable for the workplace needs to try these looks to witness the powers of good cardigans.

3. The Coat or Blazer Look for winter:

Best men's cardigan sweaters are going to be a lot of help when you need to layer up for the coldest days of winter. You have to know the right way to layer the cardigan with your coat or blazer, so you don't end up sacrificing on style for your comfort.

You can wear a thin cardigan under a long coat and dark denim jeans. Add a scarf and beanie with this look for extra protection from the cold. Pair this look with trainers to rock the street style. You can also manage to pull off the formal look with a cardigan as a middle layer between your button-down shirt and a jacket.

Whether you decide to keep the cardigan’s collar under your jacket or keep it splayed over depends completely on you.

The key to making this look work (or any cardigan look for that matter) is to make sure you are choosing the right colored shirt, cardigan, jacket, and jeans.

The Rules for Choosing Colors:

There are a few rules when it comes to choosing the colors of your layers but the most common one is that the outer layer should be the darkest and the inner layer should be the lightest. But you don't have to limit yourself to this rule if you don't feel comfortable with it. You can wear the combination that works for you.

A dark colored cardigan, say dark blue, will look pretty good with a light brown jacket and brown jeans if you wear it with confidence.

Cardigans can be the ideal clothing item for winter but more so for the festival season. Although you may not want to wear those cringey Christmas sweaters you see in every store in December, the best shawl collar cardigan for Christmas come with patterns that make you look elegant when worn with slim fit denim jeans and are worth spending your money on.

Just don't forget to roll up your sleeves if you want to look sexy this holiday season.