Midlife Styling Advice from Top Fashion Bloggers
Offer Factor Dec 07, 2017

Age is just a number, and when it comes to fashion, this is of particular importance. Just because you are over 40 does not mean that your clothing should become annoying and from another century. Instead, it is important to remind yourself that you can pull off sexy better than the 20-year-olds because you have the knowledge and grace to accompany your beauty.

Below is a collection of some of the most vivid and inspiring fashion bloggers and what suggestions they have for midlife styling.

1.  Confidence over Everything Else

Pam Lutrell runs the blog Over 50 Feeling 40. She believes that nothing should prevent a lady from looking her absolute best. Yes, there is nothing that can stop you from being confident, stylish and fashionable. Pam also believes that your age, body type, and income do not matter. The whole point of becoming older and wiser is that you learn to be confident.

You can be any of any weight, height, color, ethnicity, financial status and age and yet approach fashion with ease. The only thing you need is confidence in yourself and of course, some impressive ‘search’ skills to find the right dress, a pair of jeans, shirt or skirt. Remember, you should love yourself and dress in a way that suits you best.

2.  Accessorize with Style

Fake Fabulous is the blog run by Samantha, who also happens to be a part-time biomedical scientist. From color coordination to deciding what goes with what, you can learn everything from this blogger.

Since winter is right around the corner, this is the blog that is going to work wonders for you. Just be sure that you know whether or not the accessories suit your personality because Samantha is a huge proponent of using accessories to accentuate the overall look. From scarves to belts, bags to jewelry you can get ideas all right from here.

3.  Colors Trends are there for a Reason!

Most people think that certain colors are not for them. But the thing is, you just haven’t found the right clothing and accessories to pull off the color. As long as you strike the right balance between clothing and accessories, you can literally make any shade shine for you. The blog Chic at Any Age by Josephine Lalwan is the proponent of just this ideology.

She emphasizes the fact that colors need to be picked with care. Inspiration can be drawn from colors of the season from various different fashion catwalks and then merged to create your own unique style. You not only can choose colors from catwalks but styles as well including cuts of skirts, materials of blouses and the length of evening gowns. Just be sure to experiment and see what works for you.

4.  Match and Mix with Care

If you are someone who loves mixing various looks together, this blogger is just for you. Shelley Janac of the blog The Queen In Between is the master of mixing and matching different patterns and clothing items. You get to check out different stores in the mall, or even small clothing shops. Once you start following this blog, you will be surprised with how many things can be paired together to create an utterly chic look.

From colorful stoles to plaid skirts, you will find things that will push you out of your comfort zone but also let you experiment with clothing styles that you may never have thought about.

5.  Wardrobe Change Every Year

This is essential. Yes, some clothes are evergreen, but those are very few! So you need to make changes to your wardrobe every year. The Senior Style Bible blogger Dorrie Jacobson says you have to think of where you live and what you do to choose the clothes you wear. Once you know the kind of environment you move in, you can select styles that compliment your looks as well as are easy to do.

One more thing that you can do is choose clothing that is in perfect sync with the person that you are. According to Dorrie, you can do this by thinking of five words that perfectly describe you. Then get clothes and accessories that fit those descriptions. You will be surprised by how well you are able to look once you are clear about the kind of person you are.

6.  From Denim to Off Shoulder

There are very few styles that you can’t pull off, no matter the age. From off shoulder evening gowns to denim shorts, you can literally make yourself look good with everything. Diane of the blog Fashion on the 4th Floor is going to recommend just that. The ease with which the blogger wears everything and advises you to do the same is going to take you by a pleasant surprise. You can literally pull off all kinds of clothing with the help of this blogger.

7.  Get in Touch with a Stylist

If you still think that you are unable to pick out fashion trends that suit you, contact a stylist ASAP. They will be able to help you decide what works best for your body shape within the budget you can afford. Susan Kanoff of The Midlife Fashionista also recommends the same.

She highlights the fact that most elderly ladies are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on their hair, nails, and skin lifting treatments, but are unwilling to pay attention to the way they dress. This causes a serious fashion disaster, and most of them end up looking older than they actually are.

The stylist you work with should be able to understand what your preferences are – be it the types of clothes you like or the color you think is pretty. They would then be able to put together a look that is perfect for all kinds of occasions and for everyday use as well. Just be sure to keep an open mind while working with a stylist and delve into styles that you previously may have thought could not work for you.

Just remember you can after all only gain inspiration from these fashion bloggers. The end decision of how to dress is going to be yours. So pick with care and carry with confidence.

Have Fun Styling!