Offer Factor Mar 15, 2018

Summer is here, girls!

With the summer heat kicking in, the time for a 360-degree wardrobe makeover has arrived. It is time for all the chics out there to get ready for summer of 2018. After all, it is the time of the year when we are busy getting our beach bods ready for summer which makes for an all new summer collection for the diva in you.

You can say bye to long winter coats and say hello to your cute crop tops you have been dying to wear. When it comes to rocking street style ’18, you cannot go wrong as long as you follow some universal secrets every girl should know!

As much as we all love to imitate our favorite celebrities, it is time for you to try something out of the box and leave everyone dazzled as you shine while you slay down those streets. Most fashion designers admit to being more inspired by real people walking down the street than searching magazines or following celebs!

You can get your inner designer to do the same. Maybe even be spotted by one of the fashion gurus and become one of their inspirations without even knowing it as you amble down to work.

Dressing out-of-the-box killed no one.

You can turn a deaf ear to all those haters who would want to bring you down by saying you are ‘extra.’ As long as you have poise and confidence you know, you can nail your style and maybe even become an icon yourself. Your days of longing to be seen by others or perhaps that special crush you have been eyeing for some time are over.

Unlike contemporary fashion, there is only one rule to street style fashion, which is to make sure you bring along your confidence and poise with you as you leave your house. Like your suave shades, wear them where they can be seen. Your walk, attitude, grace, and manners are all part of your fashion! Once you are able to find the style that you feel comfortable in, wear it with confidence and suave!

Aim for Inspiring

Experiment, fail or succeed, rock it, repeat. Unlike, high fashion, street style is all about freedom of creativity and trying things no one would be able to pull off on a red carpet. With street style, you can take innovation to a whole different level. Be it reinventing your PJ’s, pairing favorite skirt or dress with a crop top or tweaking your sneakers to stand out, when it comes to the streets there are LOADS of possibilities to get your creative engines whizzing.

Do Your Research

You need to know the rules before you break them and define things your way. To produce coherent and relatable styles, you need to make sure you educate yourself about your passion. To innovate your own signature style, learn the basics and pick on the ideas from the essentials.

You can always tweak an existing trend to make it scream YOU. Knowing the basics will help you create practical and functional designs that can become your classic collections. Street style offers an infinite amount of creative and expressive freedom especially when it comes to styling tank tops, sneakers and jogger pants.

Understanding the essentials can open unlimited possibilities for you to delve in to and help you find your comfort/go-to signature style. The sky is the limit!

Here are just some of the many tips you can work with:

Sneakers: Sneakers are a girl’s best friend in this wild, crazy and sometimes cruel world! You can rock it with a dress, skirts, shorts, jeans, capris, bell bottoms, jumpsuits and the list goes on. You name it! They can go with anything but make sure you are pairing the right kind with the right wardrobe. If you can select the right color and style (high, low) of sneakers with the right wardrobe, you are going to be the bomb.

  • Button-downs: One over-sized button-down, please. Yes, button-downs should ALWAYS be a size larger than you. The bigger, the better and the sexier. It gives a laid-back, chic look to your outfit. Time to raid your boyfriend’s closet!

  • Sequins: You CAN wear sequins during the day. Yes, you can bling your OOTD even during daytime and not look trashy or as if you just came straight from a nightclub after a night out! A dress with minimal sequined details or sequined shoes could glam you up for the day.

  • White Shirt: A white shirt is the metaphorical blank canvas in the fashion world. You can do almost anything and pair it any way you wish! It is impossible to go wrong with a white shirt.