Top 10 Accessories that can Upgrade Your Look Instantly
Offer Factor Dec 07, 2017

The simplest accessories can create a huge difference in the way you look. A charm bracelet on your wrist, funky sunglasses, or a classy barrette in your hair can change the whole aura of your style. But you have to pick accessories that match with what you are wearing. Of course, the choice is yours but keeping in mind the occasion and dress code will help you make the right decision.

Here are top 10 accessories that will give your dressing a touch of trendiness without spending too much time on your preparations. Try them all and see which ones work best for you.

1. Sport Funky Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a necessity for getting ready for a summer road trip. They can help you make a fashion statement all year round. Search for funky or sports glasses. You can try appealing ones that match your beach get up or opt for white/silver-rimmed sunglasses that are classic. Be sure to have a couple of them at home so you can keep switching to keep the fun alive.

2. Dangling Earrings

Earrings are accessories that women love collecting. Even if you’re not a fan of wearing earrings, you need to incorporate this piece of jewelry in your life. They help you in going from office lady to a party girl within seconds. There are so many kinds of earrings available in the market, but these days the craze is all about dangling pieces. If you lay your eyes on the mermaid inspired earrings, you will definitely fall in love.

Pearl drops, gold hoops and sparkling semi-precious jewels in platinum or gold settings are other options that you can consider depending on what the occasion is. Even if you are wearing a simple tee with jeans, colorful dangling earrings can make your look come alive!

3. Wrist Watches with Various Dials

Wristwatches do not just show you what time it is, they let you set the record straight on how much of a fashionista you are! There hundreds of varieties available from big dials to tiny ones, chain wristwatches to strap watches, colorful ones as well as monochrome ones.

Depending on your budget you can get branded watches or the ones available at any fashion store in the mall.

4. Hair Accessories

When it comes to hair accessories, your options are endless. These days it is headpieces and bands that are the rage. From metallic flower crowns to circlets made of actual flowers, there is something for everyone. You can get barrettes, butterfly clips, cloth bandanas like headbands and simple pearls clips for you luxurious mane.

There are even jewels available that can be draped along your ponytail or head buns that you can invest in.

5. Handbags or Clutches

Handbags are a thing of essentiality. Without them, where are you supposed to keep your phone, makeup, sanitizer, and keys? Now the choice ranges between large bags and small clutches. If you are going to work, it is best to have a leather handbag along. If on the other hand, the plan is for a night out with friends, the funky clutch will look more appropriate. Box and jeweled clutches are both in these days so buy those as well.

6. Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are never going to go out of fashion. Once worn alone, they now come with other bangles and hoops with them. You can wear them singly or with more hand jewelry depending on how loud or exciting you want your look to be. Charm bracelets are available in metallic look as well as colorful categories.

If you want to make an individualistic statement, you can have your own charm bracelet created with whichever charms you like. For example, women who love traveling collect charms of all the places they visit and keep adding them to the bracelet. This will definitely get your accessories noticed!

7. Scarves & Stoles

Scarves and stoles don’t just cover your hair, they also let you show the world how current you are with your style. You can tie them around your neck or around your midriff. They also look perfect as a hair tie. There are many printed silk scarves that you will notice celebrities wearing. So get your hands on them and make them a part of your casual outfit.

8. Belts

If you haven’t seen them already, then you need to know that metallic belts are the vogue these days. They look gorgeous over simple dresses and help in accentuating the curve of your waist. The best part, they aren’t costly and are readily available in shops.

9. Variety in Necklace

Necklaces have always been a huge favorite among girls and women. The reason is that they go with everything. These days chokers and statement necklaces are the in thing. You can easily get your hands on these because they come in all kinds of budgets. If you are in the mood for something fun and dangerous, go for beaded chokers.

Delicate, multilayered necklaces are perfect for plunging necklines and dinner dresses. The great thing about these accessories is that they can make even your tees look fashionably dressed.

10. Pointy Boots

Boots are coming back in style. There is so much variety available that you will have a hard time deciding which ones to buy. You will be surprised to know that boots work with almost all kinds of clothing, from jeans to evening gowns. You can buy printed boots or velvet boots with pearl linings, pointy boots to stub toed ones and they will all make a statement of their own.

Invest in one pair to see how you like them. Then you can keep adding to your collection. Getting printed boots means that you can pair them with a variety of colorful frocks, skirts, and tops.  

Try all of the ten accessories mentioned above, and you will definitely feel upgraded with your casual and formal attire.