Valentine's Day 5 Top Style Guide
Offer Factor Feb 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone can feel love in the air. But women around the globe are facing the question that haunts them before every important event: what to wear? Whether you plan to spend the day with your partner or your friends, you have to select a special outfit for the big day. On Valentine’s Day, you should make an extra effort dressing up. Think of it as your gift to yourself. After all, which love is better than self-love? And before you can celebrate your love for others, you must celebrate and love yourself.

So, if you are wondering what to wear this Valentine’s Day, that will not only make you look good but also feel good, then here is a Valentine’ Day special style guide for you:


1. The Unconventional Style:

Valentine’s Day dresses are sometimes a bit too cheesy for some of us. But don’t you worry, there are Valentine’s Day looks that don’t include pinks or reds (not even hearts). With the right outfit, you can look chic and be ready for the big day without having to dress like you’re the biggest champion of love. This look can also work for those who don’t have anything significant planned for the day and want to keep their dress low-key.

Wearing all black never disappoints you. Get a peplum top and pair it with black slacks and PVC heels. Add black accessories to the mix, and you’re ready to face Valentine’s Day. If you want to add colors to this style, but not pink or red, then get a sexy top in peach or white and pair it with high waist jeans and festive shoes.


2. The Sexy Style:

You can’t plan the perfect date night without sexy Valentine’s Day dresses. You want to impress them but the abundance of available dresses for Valentine’s Day are making it hard for you to choose one. So what do you do? The answer is simple: you choose a red dress. A red dress will help you make the sexiest impression this Valentine’s Day. Already tried different red dresses? Then it is time to go for a long red dress.

Long red dresses come in all kinds of designs like net dresses and dresses with frills and ruffles. You can try the one that you have never tried before this Valentine’s Day. Choosing the perfect dress is easier if you try on different dresses and see which suits you the most. You can pair your dress with black boots and accessories.


3. The Girls’ Night Style:

Spending Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends? No problem, since the pressure to look perfect is not that great because you are quite comfortable around your friends, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to dress up for the occasion.

Go wild when spending the day with your friends. Choose vibrant print top and striking colors. Put on makeup as much as you want and load up on accessories, because you know your girlfriends will appreciate you more than anyone else in the world, so you better put up the best show for them.


4. The Going Out Style:

If you plan to hit the club this Valentine’s Day, then you can tone down the fancy aspect of your dressing. Go for a dress that expresses your personality. You want people to notice you but don’t want them to think that you are trying too hard.

So almost everything works for this style. You can go for a sexy top, trousers, and heels or opt for a more comfortable look and style it up with accessories. A skirt with a sexy top is also great for a night out on Valentine’s Day.


5. The White Dress Style:

The white dress is such a unique style choice for Valentine’s Day that it deserves a category of its own. White long sleeve dress is something that will make you look sophisticated and chic at the same time. They also come in different designs. A white lace dress looks good on everyone. You can decide to add pops of color to your look with accessories or go for an all-white look depending on your style preference.

If you plan on going all white, don’t feel odd because you’re dressed differently. White has its own way of making you look elegant and sophisticated. You can always match a color with it if you think all white is boring.

The Valentine’s Day 5 Top Style Guides listed above will help you select the best outfit for the big day. Your outfit should be in accordance with the kind of day you will be having. Whether you will be working or partying, dress accordingly, and you will look fabulous.