Who Wore What This Christmas? Get it all!
Offer Factor Dec 29, 2018

Christmas fashion can be pretty versatile depending on your commitments for the day. But the best Christmas outfits are those that are comfy and cozy. Celebrities are who we look up to when it comes to choosing the right kind of dresses. They can wear the simplest of clothes and still make them look trendy, and that’s why everyone wants to follow them. They invent a new style every day. So there is no reason why their Christmas style shouldn’t be worthy of following. Their Christmas clothing can tell us how to look fabulous while staying comfortable on Christmas. So let’s take a look at who wore what this Christmas:


Ryan Reynolds:

If you belong to the class of people who hate the idea of ugly sweaters, it is time to change your thinking. Celebrities have proven again and again that ugly Christmas sweaters are the perfect ingredient for a cuter you. If you have been active on Instagram lately, you may have seen that picture of Ryan Reynolds wearing one such sweater. Now you are not going to argue with Deadpool about his fashion sense, are you?


Julianne Hough:

Female celebrities rocked both the casual and formal look this Christmas. From the little black dress to sweaters and hoodies, there were all kinds of outfits, and all of them were equally fashionable. Actress Julianne Hough wore a full zip hoodie this Christmas to remind everyone that women’s full zip hoodies are the most comfortable piece of clothing anyone can find. There is no denying the fact that in fashion hoodies women’s style looks unique and confident. If you can show up to a family gathering in a hoodie, then you are very brave, and no one will dare mess with you. A hoodie is a perfect way to avoid conversations you don’t want to be a part of.


Sophie Turner:

If you want to go for a little formal look, then sweatshirts are your friends. We saw a couple of ladies wearing sweatshirts this Christmas on the gram including Sophie Turner, and that’s why we think sweatshirts should be in your wardrobe. Women’s winter sweatshirts come in dozens of different designs, and you can get the ones that suit your daily commitments. They are ideal for street-wear, but you can also style them for parties and office gatherings.


Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton:

Women’s casual winter coats, like the ones you see Blake Lively wearing, have the power to improve your look instantaneously. They are the kind of fashion items that don’t require any sacrifices for you. Unlike heels and tight-fitting dresses, casual coats keep you comfortable, and you won’t be tempted to take them off as soon as you get home. They are so comfortable you can even sleep in them (but you probably shouldn’t if you don’t want to ruin their fine finish). Even the royals love casual coats. Both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have rocked the casual coat look. When you see their photos, you will notice the magic of a casual coat.


So celebrities’ Christmas style shows that you can go for comfy outfits and still look pretty damn hot. And it is a sigh of relief for many people who hate the idea of dressing up on festivals. Making any kind of effort for the holiday season (even if it’s on yourself) should be illegal. Holidays are all about sitting by the fireplace, sipping your coffee, and listening to family gossip. Following celebrities’ style has the benefit of wardrobe upgrade. You will be set for the rest of the season. And you will be ready for any party.